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Howling The Night Away Productions prides itself on being able to offer experienced, well groomed and dressed DJ’s for your event. It doesn’t matter the size of the event or function, our DJ’s can do it. From private to corporate functions, all systems feature name brand equipment, stage lighting and professional DJ software on computers. Our computer systems are pre-loaded with of over 20,000 songs in all categories, updated monthly. We offer our clients a clean professional stage presentation, with a commitment to our clients to do great job no matter what the function. Others say it, we guarantee it!

Howling DJ & Pro Services 2018-19

Rates for 2017-18 are:

IN-TOWN SOCIALS $650 plus GST (hours 9-1 with FREE Social Tickets Max 250 – anything over is payable to UPS Store)
IN-TOWN WEDDINGS $750 plus GST ** (hours 5-1 – covering music for cocktail hour, supper hour then dance to follow)
For specific playlists for dinner or longs lists of special requests we charge $125 per hour to download and create your playlist into a music folder as per your specific requests. This covers cost of our time and the charge for licensed music. Please let us know if you would like us to create this playlist and accept a charge for estimated charge (minimum 1 hour) or would you like to supply your specific playlist on a thumb drive for DJ? We do have these categories to choose from:

  • Jazz
  • Easy Listening Love Songs
  • Country Love Songs
  • Michael Buble
  • Modern Love Songs

Contact us a minimum of a week prior to your wedding to give us a breakdown of your first songs, perhaps a list of songs you would like to hear and a brief itinerary of you day. Also be sure to mention any particulars you feel would be important to your evening eg. out of town guests names, parents living or deceased so that DJ doesn’t accidentally call them to dance floor making things uncomfortable. Etc.

OUT OF TOWN SOCIALS within 1 hour are $750 plus GST (hours 9-1 with FREE Social Tickets Max 250 – basic charge of $20 for any quantities over 250)
OUT OF TOWN WEDDINGS $850 plus GST **(hours 5-1 – covering music for cocktail hour, supper hour then dance to follow)

TRAVEL COSTS please add an additional $50 per hour return travel time should your event be over 1 hour past Brandon. Eg 1 hour to destination 1 hour back = 2x$50
** ACCOMODATIONS required and must be supplied at the client’s expense if you are over 1 1/2 hours away from Brandon.

SOCIAL & WEDDING **Discount We offer a $50 discount per function if both functions are booked. **Total $100 reflected in the wedding invoice. 
WEDDING CEREMONIES Require the DJ in most cases to be around much earlier than our quoted 5-1 rates. With the arrival of guests at least 1 hour before, the ceremony, and  time for guests to leave, our rate is $75 per hour (usually 2 hours) extra. If a PA system is needed off site, rental will run you $250 with wireless microphones plus 3 hours at $75 per hour. This allows for set up and take down of equipment. 
EDITING  Need a music MashUp? We’ve been professionally editing music for sports for over 17 years. Editing services are $35/hour. Average 6 to 8 song MashUp takes 1.5 hours of editing time. 
VIDEO – WEDDING Have a power point to run? We offer laptop, screens in a variety of sizes with bright 3500 ANSI Projectors. Package Rental $250
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Dances $125/hour of dance plus mileage if applicable. 
HIGH SCHOOL Dances $200/hour of dance plus mileage if applicable. 
GRADS $1250 plus GST plus **mileage if applicable.
** ACCOMMODATIONS are required if you are over 1 1/2 hours away from Brandon. 
RODEO $1500 plus gst. Due to the size of arenas, we don’t like to show up with the bare minimum. We also have realized that there is a rush to complete set ups due to rodeo running late. Flat decks still require work. 
Out-of-town $750 plus gst plus mileage
NEW YEARS EVE Due to possible weather conditions and the  availability of DJ’s on a main holiday evening, please double the rate calculated for a normal social evening.
NON PROFIT or FUNDRAISING EVENTS Deduct $100 from the above prices as our donation to your event.
KARAOKE Private Parties $650 as primary entertainment (Out of Town  
ADD to DJ Services add $350
SPACE & POWER NEEDED FOR DJ SYSTEMS We usually need a minimum space of 8x16ft for our set ups. Power wise if there is a 220V stove plug on the wall or close by we carry power distribution panels with each system or there should be at least 3 separate breakered wall plugs to ensure proper power to run amps and lighting.
PACKAGE All our systems include professional equipment with Mackie, Chauvet & Numark quality names. All have a clean professional stage look, complete with LED stage lighting and music library second to none in mobile DJ Services. Our DJ’s are experienced and professional, clean cut and dress accordingly for the occasion.